COSEC Consortium

Strategic Advantages for COSEC Members


The COSEC Consortium brings benefits to the following residents of Slovenia:

  • 72.842 researchers, students      and employees of the universities and public research organisations (PRO);
  • 494.624 members of public and special libraries from the field of culture.

To members of public libraries we provide access to:   

  • 7.700 e-journals
  • 40.000 e-books and
  • 5 text databases

To members of the University of Ljubljana we provideaccess to:

  • 146.247 e-books
  • 13.561 e-journals
  • 10.300 sound recordings
  • 350 video recordings
  • 10 text databases

To members of the University of Maribor we provide access to:

  • 11.843 e-journals
  • 4 text databases

To members of the University of Primorska we provide access to:

  • 8.035 e-journals
  •  2 text databases

To Members of the University of Nova Gorica we provide access to:

  • 7.345 e-journals
  • 1 text database

To members of public research organisations we provide access to:

  • 8.151 e-journals

Financial resources for annual subscriptions to electronic literature are provided by the Ministry of Culture, the Slovenian Research Agency, the Slovenian Library Association, the National and University Library and members of the Consortium.