International Co-operation




The COSEC Consortium is a member of the most prominent international organisations in the field of consortia management and evaluation:


Since its foundation, we are members of the EIFL international consortium which brings together  38 national consortia. EIFL is also our founder and donor. Its main advantage is the pooling of purchasing power of various national consortia carried out under the baton of the international negotiating team. Therefore, members of the COSEC Consortium receive the most advantageous subscription price.


ICOLC (International Coalition of Library Consortia) is an informal international association of 150 library consortia from around the world. COSEC is a member of ICOLC since 2004.


Project Counter (Counting Online Usage of Networked Electronic Resources) is an open international standard and protocol for collecting statistical data on the use of e-resources, and a guide on what data to collect, measure and how to interpret them.

The objective is to provide data that are consistent, trustworthy and compatible, and are comparable with each other. All COSEC partners make efforts to follow the COUNTER guidelines, and to be part of the COUNTER international group.

SPARC Europe (

SPARC (The Scholarly Publishing and Academic Resources Coalition) is an international association of universities, research libraries and organisations. Its representatives are looking for a constructive response to market irregularities in the professional communication system.