Exploring Plan S together


The aim of Plan S is full and immediate open access to publications from publicly funded research. During the transition period cOalition S recognises transformative agreements, such as Read & Publish models,  as a way of achieving compliance, while the resolution adopted at the 7th regular meeting of the Slovenian Rectors' Conference defines Publish & Read as the only acceptable model.


In transformative agreements COSEC consortium is focused on the following:

  • Creating a model that generates open access publications.
  • Transformative agreement explicitly states the temporary nature of the hybrid journals and the goal of transforming them into gold/full open access.
  • Shifting from »Read« to »Publish« part, i.e. reallocating funds from access fees to publishing fees. Publishing costs for corresponding authors of consortium are paid, while reading of all publisher's subscription journals is provided for no additional costs.
  • No increase in total expenditure (reading and publishing). The values are based on the previous access fees. Thus the pricing is fair and reasonable, while the model is simple and sustainable.
  • Eligible authors or eligible member institutions no longer pay for the APCs on their own. APCs are covered by the agreement.
  • Transparency of the agreement: text of the agreement is published in the public domain (CC-BY-ND).
  • Online identifier tools built by the publisher to allow the institutions to monitor and manage accepted publications from affiliated authors.
  • Authors can publish under Creative Commons licences, with CC-BY being preffered, default license.